Over 850 Entrepreneurs Have Taken This Challenge to Implement An Effective eCommerce & Dropshipping Business
In 5 days, I'll show you how to plan and build an automated eCommerce/Dropshipping store that converts better and sells more than any of your competitors

In this action-packed, no B.S. challenge I'm going to show you in 5 days how to fully build your automated online sales machine...

I'm Matt Gartner, Founder of The Shopify 1% and I'll be bringing your through the challenge.
Here's what we're going to cover in our 5 Day Challenge:
The Tools. Discover the powerful method I've developed that integrates just a few small pieces of software to automate the lion's share of this business. And even better, how these tools working together can perform 200% better than any standard ecommerce platform! On Day 1 we assemble your foundation and get you ready to rock'n'roll.
Product Research. I'll reveal the framework I use to find hot products that people will beg you to buy, and how finding congruent products has allowed me to get conversion rates far above industry averages (and I'll teach you how to leverage this to get 50-60% margins for your ecommerce funnels)
Building Your Sales Funnel. I'll show you how to add your hot products to the store with a powerful upsell process that yields amazing average order value. Discover the formula for high-converting one-time offers that enables you to make 3,4,5,6 and even 7 or more sales with every single order placed. And how we re-capture the customers who abandon their carts.
Traffic Generation. Now that you've created a powerful sales system, I'll show you the exact strategies I've used to bring hundreds of customers into my funnels each and every day. Watch as I show you my Facebook ads targeting strategy, copy strategy, and launch strategy and how you can replicate what I do.
Follow Up Funnels. This is where the rubber really meets the road! I'll show you exactly how to follow up with your customers, how to nurture them, and how to offer them more irresistible products. We'll also bake in Facebook re-targeting to really amplify the effect. 
This ISN'T your typical "fluff" challenge with little actual value provided. By the end, you’ll have a COMPLETE plan to launch a PROFITABLE online sales funnel. 
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